Alpha Delta Phi

Founded in 1833, the Miami Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi was not only the first fraternity on Miami’s campus but the first chapter of any fraternity to be established west of the Allegheny Mountains. Today, the Miami Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi has a recently renovated house that came with their 2006 re-founding, with new additions including a brand new basement with tile floor and a large flat screen television with surround sound, and an Ohio Historical Landmark. Members have attained Greek Week champion titles multiple times over the past few years and maintain one of the highest GPA’s on campus, while becoming increasingly social and well respected every year within, and beyond Greek life. Located at 22 South Campus, this beautiful brick house has a front porch well fit for enjoying the views Miami’s campus has to offer on any given day, and it’s at an ideal location, less than half a block from uptown and right across the street from main campus and King Library. Alpha Delta Phi has an extremely strong brotherhood, focuses on improving the men who join the chapter, and ensures business and social connections guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Address: 22 S. Campus Ave.
National Founding: Hamilton College, October 29, 1832
Local Founding: 1833
Colors: Emerald Green and White
Open Motto: “Many Hands, One Heart”
Nickname: Alpha Delt, ADPhi
GPA: 3.14
Membership: 108
President: Nick Eramo,
Recruitment Chair: Tate Howell (, Jason Beaudry(

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