Alpha Chi Rho

Founded on June 4, 1895, at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, Alpha Chi Rho is a national men’s collegiate fraternity whose purpose is to enhance the lifelong intellectual, moral, and social development of our members through the guidance of our Landmarks. This fall Alpha Chi Rho will join the fraternity community at the university. During the colonization period, the Fraternity’s expansion team will recruit the founding fathers that embody our four Landmarks and demonstrate Character, Honor, and Integrity in their everyday lives. Joe DiMauro, a 2015 graduate from the University of Cincinnati and professional staff member of Alpha ChiRho, will assume the role of Colony Recruitment Coach while Nicolas Hewgley, National Director of Communication and Development, will serve as the Colony’s development officer for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Address: 2026 Armstrong Student Center
National Founding: June 4, 1895, at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut
Colors: Garnet and White
National Philanthropy: Challenge the World Program - Habitat for Humanity, Feed the Children, American Cancer Society, Autism Society of America, and Children’s Wish Foundation
Open Motto: ΑΝΔΡΙΖΕΣΘΕ – “Be Men”
Membership: Colonizing Fall 17
National Organization Staff: Nicolas R. Hewgley (
National Organization Staff: Joe DiMauro (

Alpha Delta Phi

Founded in 1833, the Miami Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi was not only the first fraternity on Miami’s campus but the first chapter of any fraternity to be established west of the Allegheny Mountains. Today, the Miami Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi has a recently renovated house that came with their 2006 re-founding, with new additions including a brand new basement with tile floor and a large flat screen television with surround sound, and an Ohio Historical Landmark. Members have attained Greek Week champion titles multiple times over the past few years and maintain one of the highest GPA’s on campus, while becoming increasingly social and well respected every year within, and beyond Greek life. Located at 22 South Campus, this beautiful brick house has a front porch well fit for enjoying the views Miami’s campus has to offer on any given day, and it’s at an ideal location, less than half a block from uptown and right across the street from main campus and King Library. Alpha Delta Phi has an extremely strong brotherhood, focuses on improving the men who join the chapter, and ensures business and social connections guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Address: 22 S. Campus Ave.
National Founding: Hamilton College, October 29, 1832
Local Founding: 1833
Colors: Emerald Green and White
Open Motto: “Many Hands, One Heart”
Nickname: Alpha Delt, ADPhi
GPA: 3.14
Membership: 108
President: Alec Evans,
Recruitment Chair: Tate Howell (, Jason Beaudry(, Zach Wolf

Alpha Epsilon Pi

Alpha Epsilon Pi - Alpha Tau is the Miami University Chapter of the AEPi Fraternity. AEPi is a historically Jewish fraternity and we hold those values very close, though we have brothers of all sorts of backgrounds.

Founded in 1964, Alpha Tau has become a great addition to Alpha Epsilon Pi and an even greater addition to the lives of all its members. Some of the activities that we partake in include social events, philanthropic and charity ventures, food nights, organized sports, road trips, and many other activities at the discretion of the brotherhood. We are a great group of guys who truly embody the brotherhood that this fraternity provides.

Address: 301 E. Sycamore St.
National Founding: New York University, November 7, 1913
Local Founding: 1964
Colors: Blue and Gold
National Philanthropy: Sharsheret
Open Motto: “No one could tell me where my soul might be; I searched for God, but He eluded me; I sought my brother out and found all three”
GPA: 3.25
Membership: 33
President: Tyler Shadrick,
Recruitment Chair: Reed Rosencrans

Alpha Sigma Phi

Alpha Sigma Phi’s pillars of Silence, Charity, Purity, Honor, and Patriotism are at the core of our brotherhood. We take pride in the diverse personalities and aspirations that our members possess and work together to build better men. Alpha Sig enhances members’ social experience while simultaneously supporting academics and preparing them for life after graduation. A few of our brotherhood events include paintball, canoeing, movie nights, golf outings, Super Bowl viewing and dinner, tournaments amongst members, intramural sports teams, and an end of the year senior send off, all of which foster friendships that last a lifetime. Our exponential growth in recent years, the acquisition of our own fraternity house, and our expanding alumni network are all reasons why we are excited to see what the future holds.

Address: 219 W. Church St.
National Founding: Yale University, December 6, 1845
Local Founding: 2005
Colors: Cardinal and Stone
National Philanthropy: LIVESTRONG
Open Motto: “The Cause is Hidden, the Results Well Known”
Nickname: Alpha Sig
GPA: 3.19
Membership: 95
President: Kyle Schulte,

Beta Theta Pi

In collaboration with Miami’s Interfraternity Council, Beta Theta Pi’s Alpha Chapter has rejoined the ranks of fraternities at the university this year. During the colonization period, the Fraternity’s expansion team has recruited the founding fathers who excel on campus as gentlemen, leaders and scholars while building a genuine fraternity experience that will last for generations.

The chapter is committed to the pursuit of intellectual and professional growth while balancing their knowledge and understanding about the values and core principles of Beta Theta Pi, which include mutual assistance, intellectual growth, trust, responsible conduct and integrity. Known for its award-winning Men of Principle initiative, Beta Theta Pi ranks among the top 10 fraternities in North America for number of chapters, undergraduate members, and living alumni.

Address: 200 E. High Street
National Founding: Miami University, August 8, 1839
Colors: Delicate Shades of Pink and Blue
Open Motto: “Developing Men of Principle for a Principled Life”
President: Chad Lance,
Recruitment Chair: Jonah Snyder(

Chi Psi

Chi Psi is committed to providing a valuable experience to each brother’s life from the time they start in their Freshman year until they graduate 3+ years later. Through our philanthropies Stuff the Bus and Basketbrawl, along with various retreats and brotherhood events, Chi Psi strives to provide an experience that will be beneficial to the overall growth of the individual. Primarily focused on the growth of the individual in a social environment, member of Chi Psi are committed to becoming “True Gentleman”. Values associated with this include academic achievement, intellectual growth, self-control, and displaying dignity and maturity throughout the college process and in life.

Address: 307 N. Bishop St.
National Founding: August 6, 2005
Local Founding: 2004
Colors: Purple and Gold
Local Philanthropy: Oxford Community Choice Food Pantry
Open Motto:”A few Forsake the Throng… and Seek Retirement for It’s Proper Use”
GPA: 3.35
Membership: 83
President: Stephen Golonka,
Recruitment Chair: Darrien Jones(

Delta Chi

The Delta Chi Miami Chapter is a brotherhood of 84 active and involved men. We are a group who prides themselves on constantly pushing one another to become better men. With a focus on brotherhood and continuing to build our strong reputation within the Oxford Community and Miami University, the men of Delta Chi aim for excellence. We strive to be the best at nurturing men who aspire and practice leadership in their community within a house of brothers with similar goals. The brothers' hard work hasn't gone unrecognized, as we were Miami University's Chapter of the Year for the last two years, as well as a winner of Delta Chi's President's Cup, given to the top chapters internationally. With a standard of collaboration and recruiting the best, we invite you to learn more about our chapter. We look forward to recruiting a class of men who value friendship, character, justice, and education.

Address: 131 E. Withrow St.
National Founding: Cornell University, October 13, 1890
Local Founding: 1932
Colors: Red and Buff
National Philanthropy: The V Foundation for Cancer Research
Open Motto: “Leges”
Nickname: DChi
GPA: 3.33
Membership: 84
President: Tripp Walsh,
Recruitment Chair:  Michael Parker(

Delta Kappa Epsilon

The Kappa chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon was founded at Miami University in 1852. Today we are a brotherhood of 84 strong. We continuously strive for excellence in all aspects and have been rapidly expanding and improving. During the 2016 DKE international conference, our chapter was awarded 2nd place in leadership among all DKE chapter nationwide. Through our philanthropy efforts, our chapter raised over $3,000 this past year. We are proud to announce that DKE was able to work with Ohio’s transportation department in securing a 2 mile stretch of highway through the Adopt a Highway program.As we continue to grow and improve, we are seeking individuals who are committed to making an impact not only within the chapter but on the campus as well.

Address: 325 E. Sycamore St.
National Founding: Yale, June 22, 1844
Local Founding: 1852
Colors: Gules, Azure, and Orange
Open Motto: “Friends from the Heart Forever”
Nickname: Deke
GPA: 3.08
Membership: 81
President: Jack Burgess,
Recruitment Chair: Chase Lauck (

Delta Sigma Phi

Delta Sigma Phi is a brotherhood that fosters growth as influential leaders, citizens, professionals and men. The bonds made between our brothers and the devotion we have towards Delta Sigma Phi lasts not just through college — but for a lifetime. Our chapter, Iota Zeta, is made up of highly ambitious men who strive to be successful while also undoubtedly supporting the success of their brothers. We also pride ourselves on being highly involved in intramural sports, local philanthropies and plenty of extracurriculars and university clubs. Our iconic chapter house sits stately on East Spring Street and boasts a big upstairs balcony in the front and spacious basement with a newly built DJ booth.

Address: 111 E. Spring St.
National Founding: December 10, 1899, City College of New York
Local Founding: 2010
Colors: Nile Green and Carnation White
National Philanthropy: American Red Cross
Open Motto: “Better Men. Better Lives”
Nickname: Delta Sig
GPA: 3.13
Membership: 85
President: Jack Haught,
Recruitment Chair: Drew Bailey,

Delta Tau Delta

The Gamma Upsilon chapter of Delta Tau Delta at Miami is committed to developing its members to succeed as individuals. We pride ourselves on producing a diverse, yet unified chapter base whose members strive to obtain a well-rounded experience during their four years at Miami through extracurriculars, service, philanthropy, and social life.

Address: 220 N. Tallawanda Rd.
National Founding: Bethany College, 1858
Local Founding: November 25, 1916
Colors: Royal Purple, White, and Gold
National Philanthropy: Adopt-A-School
Open Motto: “Committed to Lives of Excellence”
Nickname: Delt
GPA: 3.12
Membership: 100
President: Colton Rowell,
Recruitment Chair: Matt Wallace(

Delta Upsilon

Delta Upsilon is a Greek Chapter here at Miami composed of over 50 members and is the longest active Greek chapter at Miami. We have made great strides over the last several years to become one of the best chapters here at Miami, and to be leaders in the Greek community. We are one of the most active chapters, participating in many intramural sports, as well as philanthropy’s all over campus. We are dedicated to being one of the best Greek chapters here at Miami,  and we are committed to build up our community as well as our Chapter.

Address: 400 E. Vine St.
National Founding: Williams College, November 4, 1834
Local Founding: May 1868
Colors: Old Gold and Sapphire Blue
National Philanthropy: Global Service Initiative
Open Motto: “Justice Our Foundation”
Nickname: DU
GPA: 2.97
Membership: 75
President: Jack Ottaway,
Recruitment Chair: Matthew Pesacreda(

Kappa Alpha Order

KA prides itself on strong brotherhood, gentlemanly conduct, academic excellence, and exceptional campus and community involvement.

The Epsilon Lambda chapter at Miami University has won 5 top national chapter awards in the last 9 years with one of the largest philanthropies on campus, raising $8,000+ annually to give towards the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The brothers have traveled to Nicaragua each summer since 2009 to help build a clinic, school buildings, clean water systems and other various tasks. Finally, KA has historically been in the top 10 of GPA rankings for fraternities.

Address: 314 E. Church St.
National Founding: Washington and Lee University, December 21, 1865
Local Founding: April 10, 1981
Colors: Crimson and Gold
National Philanthropy: Muscular Dystrophy Association
Open Motto: “Dieu Et Les Dames”
Nickname: KA
GPA: 3.23
Membership: 116
President: Kyle Ellis,
Recruitment Chair: Kyle Kreider(

Lambda Chi Alpha

Lambda Chi Alpha prides itself in the fact that its members are diverse in their interests and personality.   This semester our chapter is looking forward to our fall philanthropy, Watermelon Bust.  Members of Lambda Chi are also heavily involved in intramurals and on many campus organizations in all five of Miami University’s Colleges.

Address: 300 N. Tallawanda Rd.
National Founding: Boston University November 2, 1909
Local Founding: January 13, 1950
Colors: Purple, Green and Gold
National Philanthropy: Feeding America
Open Motto: “Every Man a Man”
Nickname: Lambda Chi
GPA: 3.14
Membership: 108
President: Chase Guggenheim,
Recruitment Chair: Keaton Bass (

Phi Delta Theta

Miami University is the home to the Alpha Chapter of Phi Delta Theta. The fraternity was founded at Miami in 1848 and is a member of the historic Miami Triad. The chapter’s most notable brother is Benjamin Harrison, 23rd President of the United States. Phi Delta Theta’s cardinal principles are friendship, sound learning, and moral rectitude.

Address: 102 N. Tallawanda Rd.
National Founding: Miami University, December 26 1848
Colors: Blue and White
National Philanthropy:ALS Foundation
Open Motto: “One Man is No Man”
Nickname: Phi Delt
GPA: 3.06
Membership: 78
President: Chris Miller
Recruitment Chair: Robert Hovious(, John Binder(

Phi Gamma Delta

Phi Gamma Delta was founded on the values of Friendship, Knowledge, Service, Morality, and Excellence. The Mu Upsilon chapter at Miami prides itself particularly on strong brotherhood, and excellence in all areas of activity and involvement.

Address: 130 E. High St.
National Founding: Jefferson College, May 1, 1848
Colors: Royal Purple
National Philanthropy: Big Brothers Big Sisters
Open Motto: “Friendship, the Sweetest Influence”
Nickname: Fiji
Local Founding 1957
GPA: 3.09
Membership: 110
President: Thomas Staley,
Recruitment Chair: Alex Blanco (

Pi Kappa Alpha

Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike) is an international fraternity that was founded on March 1st, 1868 at the University of Virginia. It was not until 1947, however, for the Delta Gamma chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha to start at Miami University. We eventually settled in our current location at 410 East Church Street, where we are known for the fire truck on our front lawn. Pike’s members strive to live by the acronym S.L.A.G: Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, and Gentlemen. All four characteristics are essential to Pi Kappa Alpha, and one cannot become a “True Pike” without embodying all four.

Address: 410 E. Church St.
National Founding: University of Virginia, March 1. 1868
Local Founding: February 15, 1947
Colors: Garnet and Old Gold
National Philanthropy:  American Cancer Society
Open Motto: “ Once a Pike Always a Pike”
Nickname: Pike
GPA: 3.17
Membership: 72
President: Sean Ogurek,
Recruitment Chair: Matt Schell.

Pi Kappa Phi

Pi Kappa Phi at Miami University is a strong brotherhood committed to academic, social, and professional success. Since being officially re-recognized as of Jan. 1st 2017, we are looking forward to rebuilding the brotherhood that is central to our identity. With pride in our diverse membership, academic excellence, and incredible owned and operated philanthropy--The Ability Experience-- we eagerly await our future successes while celebrating our 20+ year heritage at Miami.

Nickname: Pi Kapp
National Founding:  College of Charleston, December 10, 1904
Local Founding: 1996
Address: 110 S Campus Avenue
GPA: 3.15
Membership: 59
National Philanthropy: The Ability Experience
National Headquarters: Charlotte, NC
Colors: Royal Blue, White, and Gold
President: Daniel DiLeonardi,
Recruitment Chair: Eric Smith (

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

SAE has been a fixture on Miami’s campus for 98 years and there is no reason to believe that will be changing anytime soon. In a time when most fraternities in this country are struggling, we continue to thrive in Oxford. After re-recolonizing spring 16, our chapter is stronger than ever. We organized and led fundraising for the highly successful philanthropy event, Drop the Puck on Cancer that involved 7 other fraternities on campus as well. If you haven’t heard of us, ask around.

Address: 310 Tallawanda Rd.
National Founding: University of Alabama. March 9, 1856
Local Founding: October 4, 1919
Colors: Royal Purple and Old Gold
National Philanthropy: CHIldren’s Miracle Network Hospitals
Open Motto: Phi Alpha
Nickname: SAE
GPA: 3.05
Membership: 91
President: Trey Buckingham,

Sigma Alpha Mu

Established at Miami University in 1959, the Mu Psi chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu is committed to developing young men of exceptional character. We believe that a strong and everlasting brotherhood allows our brothers to maintain positive values and reach their personal and professional goals, all while meeting a group of brothers for life. We offer to all potential members a fraternity built on respect, trust, and loyalty:  a commitment to these values enriches the experience of every Mu Psi man.

Our chapter offers numerous extracurricular opportunities. These include league-winning sports teams, professional and academic workshops, philanthropy and community service events, and numerous social opportunities. In addition to these we offer five executive positions and 20 chair positions that allow our brothers to develop their leadership, communication and managerial skills while serving as leaders within the fraternity. We also offer housing to all Sophomore brothers in our newly renovated chapter house, located near the center of campus and uptown Oxford.

Sigma Alpha Mu believes deeply in our founding principles. Our commitment to maintaining the ideals of manhood, democracy and humanity gives our brotherhood a significant and personal meaning to every member. We extend to all potential new members the chance to join in our tradition.

Address: 206 S. Campus Ave.
National Founding: November 26, 1909 (City College of New York)
Local Founding: November 1, 1959. Refounding: April 2, 2011
Colors: Purple and White
National Philanthropies: The Judy Fund for Alzheimer’s Research and Feeding America
Open Motto: “Be a Leader Not a Follower”
Nickname: Sammy
GPA: 3.11
Membership: 84
President: Adam Burau,
Recruitment Chairs: Grant Passell -  Houston Vick -

Sigma Chi

An original Miami Triad fraternity, Sigma Chi is a group of highly ambitious young men. We were founded on this campus in 1855. Our members are highly involved throughout several organizations and varsity sports. We maintain strong brotherhood while staying actively involved in the community and holding each other to high personal standards. Having recently been brought back to Miami’s campus, we are acting tirelessly to build respect for the fraternity and reintroduce ourselves as leaders in the community.

Address: 401 E. Sycamore St.
National Founding: Miami University June 28 1855
Colors: Blue and Old Gold
National Philanthropies: Children's Miracles Network and Huntsman Cancer Institute
Open Motto: In Hoc Signo Vinces (“In This Sign You SHall Conquer”)
GPA: 3.31
Membership: 57
President: Grant Laning -
Recruitment Chair: Tyler Loomis -  |  Sam Gutierrez -

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Sigma Phi Epsilon is a chapter that is over 100 members strong. We pride ourselves on our core values of virtue, diligence, and brotherly love. Our chapter is driven and dedicated to excelling in the classroom, participating in intramural sports, and being influential leaders in the Miami community. We encourage our members to get involved in other unique organizations on our campus to maintain a good balance of academics and extracurricular activities. From the ground up, the chapter focuses on building balanced men to have an impact in our immediate Miami community and also in the real world after graduation. The root of the chapter’s success stems from the unparalleled brotherhood that has been created within the chapter, and it will continue to be sustained for years to come.

Address: 224 E. Church St.
National Founding: Richmond College, November 1, 1901
Local Founding: March 4, 1948
Colors: Red and Purple
National Philanthropy: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
Open Motto: “Building Balanced Men”
Nickname: Sig Ep, SPE
GPA: 3.12
Membership: 113
President: Lorenzo Guidi,
Recruitment Chair: Tyler Dunn

Sigma Pi

Sigma Pi is a place where you can grow into the man you wish to become during your time at Miami. Our members are heavily involved in campus wide organizations including ASG, Club Sports, Business Fraternity’s and many others. We have a strong presence on campus and want brothers who will continue the success Sigma Pi has had at Miami University.

Address: 405 E. Vine St.
National Founding: Vincennes University, February 26, 1897
Local Founding: 1933
Colors: Lavender, White, and Gold
National Philanthropy: Ace Project, Donate Life
Open Motto: “Progress, man’s distinctive mark alone, Not God’s, and not the beasts’; God is, they are. Man partly is and wholly hopes to be”
Nickname: Sig Pi
GPA: 3.07
Membership: 108
President: Jesse Esposito,
Recruitment Chair: Zach Dillard( Jack Plasket (

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Founded at Miami University in 1954, the Delta-Xi chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon is an organization ever-building traditions through the uniqueness of each individual. We believe in advancement and problem solving through a collection of intellects, opportunity, involvement, and exceptional work ethic. Through our brotherhood, we strive to create opportunities to leave lasting and impactful marks on college men, our community, and the world. The Delta-Xi chapter is a tool for development of men through giving. Giving to others, giving to one’s organization, giving to one’s community, giving to one’s brothers and friends, and giving to those who are less fortunate. For in giving, we receive.

Address: 112 S Campus Ave.
National Founding: Feb 10, 1899
Local Founding: May 6, 1954
Colors: Cherry and Gray
National Philanthropy: St. Jude
Open Motto: “Better Men for a Better World”
Nickname: Teke
GPA: 3.13
Membership: 111
President: Elliott Narcross,
Recruitment Chair: Garret Melo and Matt Avdey

Theta Chi

Theta Chi is a strong national fraternity with members from all over the United States. The Gamma Kappa chapter at Miami University is filled with hard working students. You can always find us at any of the recreational sports facilities. We are involved in many philanthropies and community service events but our main one is “Drop The Puck On Cancer”. As a fraternity, we hold academics and brotherhood as our highest priority.

Address: 310 N. Bishop St.
National Founding: Norwich University, April 10, 1856
Local Founding: March 20, 1948
Colors: Military Red and White
Open Motto: “Extend a Helping Hand”
National Philanthropy:  Pediatric Aids
GPA: 3.24
Membership: 36
President: Gabe Krause
ecruitment Chair: Nick Fabian (, Matt Donnelly (