Chi Psi

Chi Psi is committed to providing a valuable experience to each brother’s life from the time they start in their Freshman year until they graduate 3+ years later. Through our philanthropies Stuff the Bus and Basketbrawl, along with various retreats and brotherhood events, Chi Psi strives to provide an experience that will be beneficial to the overall growth of the individual. Primarily focused on the growth of the individual in a social environment, member of Chi Psi are committed to becoming “True Gentleman”. Values associated with this include academic achievement, intellectual growth, self-control, and displaying dignity and maturity throughout the college process and in life.

Address: 307 N. Bishop St.
National Founding: August 6, 2005
Local Founding: 2004
Colors: Purple and Gold
Local Philanthropy: Oxford Community Choice Food Pantry
Open Motto:”A few Forsake the Throng… and Seek Retirement for It’s Proper Use”
GPA: 3.35
Membership: 83
President: Keegan Davidson,
Recruitment Chair: Darrien Jones(

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