Sigma Alpha Mu

Established at Miami University in 1959, the Mu Psi chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu is committed to developing young men of exceptional character. We believe that a strong and everlasting brotherhood allows our brothers to maintain positive values and reach their personal and professional goals, all while meeting a group of brothers for life. We offer to all potential members a fraternity built on respect, trust, and loyalty:  a commitment to these values enriches the experience of every Mu Psi man.

Our chapter offers numerous extracurricular opportunities. These include league-winning sports teams, professional and academic workshops, philanthropy and community service events, and numerous social opportunities. In addition to these we offer five executive positions and 20 chair positions that allow our brothers to develop their leadership, communication and managerial skills while serving as leaders within the fraternity. We also offer housing to all Sophomore brothers in our newly renovated chapter house, located near the center of campus and uptown Oxford.

Sigma Alpha Mu believes deeply in our founding principles. Our commitment to maintaining the ideals of manhood, democracy and humanity gives our brotherhood a significant and personal meaning to every member. We extend to all potential new members the chance to join in our tradition.

Address: 206 S. Campus Ave.
National Founding: November 26, 1909 (City College of New York)
Local Founding: November 1, 1959. Refounding: April 2, 2011
Colors: Purple and White
National Philanthropies: The Judy Fund for Alzheimer’s Research and Feeding America
Open Motto: “Be a Leader Not a Follower”
Nickname: Sammy
GPA: 3.11
Membership: 84
President: Hayden Demos,
Recruitment Chairs: Grant Passell -  Houston Vick -

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